Country: Portugal Local: Lisboa

Completion Date: Jan.2009

Contracting Entity:
SIMTEJO – Saneamento Integrado dos Municípios do Tejo e Trancão, S.A.

Project Description

Design and dimensioning of the sewer system that develops downstream of the tidal valve in Terreiro do Paço, up to Cais do Sodré, including the Agências pumping system and associated sewers. Within the project, the following main infrastructures were dimensioned:
1200 mm diameter circular main trunk, from Terreiro do Paço to the Agências pumping station, with a length of 370 m;
Agências pumping station, designed for a maximum flow of 2.2 m3/s, manometric height of 11 m.c.a, with a power of 80 kW;
700 mm diameter rising main;
Sewer system up to Cais do Sodré, 1000 mm diameter and an extension of 214 m, and Agências domestic sewer , 315 mm in diameter, which drains to the Agência pumping station, 50 m long.