Country: Angola Local: Lândana, N’Zeto, Cabinda and Soyo

Completion date: on-going

Contracting entity:
DNA – Direcção Nacional de Água / National Directorate of Water of Angola

Developed for:

Project description

This provision of expert consultancy services falls within the program “Institutional and Sustainability Support to Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Service Delivery (ISSUWSSSD)” funded by the African Development Bank and the Angola Government.
The provision of this Consultancy Service is structured in eight phases, as follows:

  • Phase 1 – Mobilization and inception report development
  • Phase 2 – Data Collection and Design Criteria Setting
  • Phase 3 – Feasibility Study and Concept Design of the sanitation systems for the four towns, covering, among others:
    • (i) demand forecasts and short-list of alternative solutions for the wastewater system to be considered;
    • (ii) preliminary design and analysis of eligible alternative solutions;
    • (iii) economic, social and environmental assessment of eligible alternative solutions.
  • Phase 4 – Preliminary Design for the Best Feasible Option for the four towns, including:
    • (i) reassessment and discrimination of the population drainage and project flows by sub-basins;
    • (ii) conceptual design and design of the drainage and faecal and wastewater treatment infrastructures;
    • (iii) definition and characterization of “dry sanitation” components;
    • (iv) potential for reuse;
    • (v) definition and planning of priority interventions. Descriptive documents and drawings, including, layouts, plans and longitudinal profiles, will be developed at a scale appropriate for the full understanding of the preliminary design project.
  • Phase 5 – Detailed Engineering Design for Soyo Town, covering the detailed design of the feasible option recommended in the preliminary engineering design
  • Phase 6 – Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
  • Phase 7 – Capacity Building and Training
  • Phase 8 – Consultancy Completion Report