Country: Angola Local: Lândana, N’Zeto, Cabinda and Soyo

Completion date: on-going

Contracting entity:
DNA – Directorate of Water of Angola.
Funded by: African Development Bank (AfDB)

Project description

Program Proposal Document (PPD) for the Coastal Towns Sanitation Project, in Angola

The objective of the Consultancy Service is to prepare a Program Proposal Document with the assessment of the feasibility and successful implementation of the sanitation project being developed for the eleven coastal towns of Angola. The document shall be submitted by DNA to the African Development Bank or other financing institutions, to request funding for the implementation of the project. The document shall integrate the following aspects:
a) Executive Summary;
b) Introduction and Background;
c) Project Description;
d) Project cost and financing arrangements;
e) Project feasibility;
f) Implementation;
g) Conclusion;
following the AfDB procedures.

Overall the sanitation project incorporates the following 11 towns/villages:
Lândana, Cabinda, N’Zeto, Soyo, Ambriz, Porto Amboim, Moçâmedes, Tômbwa, Benguela, Lobito and Baía Farta, amounting to a population of approximately 2 534 800 inhabitants in 2020 and expecting to reach 4 065 700 inhabitants in 2040.

The investments will be divided in 4 components namely:

  • Component 1: Wastewater infrastructure Development
  • Component 2: On-Site Sanitation Development
  • Component 3: Institutional and Capacity Development
  • Component 4: Program Management Support

So far, the estimate investment costs in sanitation infrastructures amounts to 320 Million USD.

Name of Associate Consultant: STUDI International and SERAMBI.