Country: Mozambique Local: Maputo, Boane, Marracuene and Matola

Completion date: 2016

Contracting entity:
AIAS: Administração de Infra-Estruturas de Água e Saneamento (Mozambique Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Management Unit)
Funded by WB

Project description

The consultancy services falls within the project “Cities and Climate Change” funded by the World Bank, for the Metropolitan Area of Maputo (Maputo, Matola Municipalities and Boane Village and Marracuene Administrative Post), totalling approximately an area of 1 187 km2 and 1 900 000 inhabitants. The main objectives were:

1. Strengthening the municipal services capacity in assuring sanitation and drainage systems operational sustainability, in order to enhance public health and safety and environmental protection.
2. Enhance Maputo Metropolitan Area resilience to the risks posed from climatic changes impacts, contributing for the socioeconomic development, in accordance to government strategies and policies.
3. Set up necessary priority interventions to improve drainage and sanitation systems and minimize flooding risks and build up an investment plan.

The Plan was developed considering the following phases:

  • Phase I: Analysis of Existing Situation
  • Phase II: Solution Identification
  • Phase III: Feasibility Studies for Priority Solutions
  • Phase IV: Implementation Plan
  • Phase V: Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building

The proposed solutions amounted an investment of about 1 277 Million USD in a 25 years period (2016-2040). The short-term priority solutions, that amounted to almost 285 Million USD, contemplated the implementation of approximately 60 km of drainage ditches and stormwater sewers, 8 drainage basins (infiltration, detention or retention), 88 km of sanitary sewers, 6 wastewater pumping stations and 11 km of pipelines, 2 Wastewater Treatment Plants (construction of the Costa do Sol WWTP and rehabilitation of the Infulene WWTP), 3 Faecal Sludge Treatment Plants and 11 Faecal Sludge Transfer Stations and 11 sludge transfer stations.