Country: Portugal Local: Viseu

Completion date: 2016

Contracting entity:
Municipal Water and Sanitation Services of Viseu

Project description

Economic and Financial Feasibility Study, Concept Design and Tender Process, Technical Assistance for the Implementation of Viseu Sul Wastewater Treatment Plant and Main Trunks

The Municipality of Viseu is located in Portugal Centre region and has a territorial area of approximately 507.1 km2. In order to comply with the requirements laid down in national and European, in particular Council Directive 91/271 / EC of 21 May, Decree-Law No 152/97 of 19 June and Decree-Law No 149/04 of 22 June, in 2008 the SMAS Viseu launched a work contract for the construction and start-up of a new WWTP for 90 000 population equivalent.

The financial analysis was included on the Concept Design Report, in which a characterization of the existing sanitation system and a general description of the eligible solution were also presented. A public tender was released, and the presented proposals were evaluated on the basis of the defined tender program, for the following work contracts:

  • Viseu Sul Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Main trunk from S. Salvador WWTP to Viseu Sul WWTP.
  • Main trunk from Teivas WWTP to Viseu Sul WWTP.
  • Viseu Sul WWTP access.
  • Main trunk connections.

Based on the developed detailed design, a review of the economic and financial feasibility study was carried out. The assignment also included Technical Assistance during construction.