Country: Portugal Local: Mealhada

Completion date: 2014

Contracting entity:
Mealhada Municipality

Project description

Rehabilitation of Mealhada Wastewater Treatment Plant

Mealhada WWTP serves a large part of the Mealhada Municipality (population served: 27 000 p.e), discharging the treated wastewater into a tributary of the Cértima River. The expansion and improvement of the WWTP is fundamental to comply with legal discharge requirements.

The project encompassed the rehabilitation of some of the existing wastewater treatment facilities and the increase of the installed treatment capacity, through a new operating line (thus, being able to address part of the wet weather flow). The project included the detailed design of: i) the final section of the trunk sewer; ii) inlet facility; iii) faecal sludge treatment system; iv) settling tank and; v) trickling filter (plastic medium).

Additionally, it was considered the replacement of all equipment of the treatment plant and the reconstruction of the return pumping system. The refurbishment of electrical and automation facilities of the WWTP (SCADA system) was also contemplated.