Country: Mozambique Local: Maganja da Costa

Completion date: 2018

Contracting entity:
AIAS – Administração de Infraestruturas de Água e Saneamento

Project description

The existing water supply system in Maganja da Costa is inoperative since the 90’s decade, presenting an advanced degradation state. The majority of the population extract water from water holes equipped with manual pumps, counting more than 35 water holes, and from traditional wells.

In the Preliminary Design phase was developed the diagnosis of the existing situation in terms of water supply, the baseline data were collected and the conception and design criteria were defined. For the different alternatives studied were identified the main advantages and disadvantages and was made a technical-economic comparison. Solutions have been developed for two scenarios:

  • In the first scenario it has been considered that the percentage of connections, by service type, will remain during the project horizon.
  • The second scenario considered that the percentage of connections will evolve, during the project horizon, according with the Urban Water Strategic Plan objectives.

The recommended solution in the Preliminary Design included the following infrastructures:

  • 40 water boreholes (first scenario) or 58 water holes (second scenario);
  • one water treatment plant, which includes the construction of a water tank with 1 700 m3 of capacity (first scenario) or 2 400 m3 (second scenario);
  • 14.4 km of rising main (first scenario) or 15.4 km of rising main (second scenario), in HDPE, with diameters between 63 mm and 110 mm;
  • 77 km of water distribution network (first and second scenarios);
  • 69 standposts (first and second scenarios).

In the Detailed Design phase, for the approved solution, it will made the implantation and hydraulic design of the infrastructures, as well as, the design project of the several specialities, such as civil construction, electromechanical equipment and electrical installations. It will be developed the tender documents.