Country: Mozambique Local: Maputo

Completion date: on-going

Contracting entity:
VFLOW.GES On behalf of DNAAS (National Directorate for Water Supply and Sanitation (DNAAS)

Project description

Nowadays, Infulene WWTP has limited capacity to cope with the increased inflows resulting from the reinforcement of the sewerage system. Therefore, the expansion and improvement of Infulene WWTP was defined as a priority intervention in the Master Plan. The Detailed Design develops a pack of priority interventions that will assure the proper reception and pre-treatment of faecal sludge, as well as the elevation and pre-treatment of the wastewater. The interventions were planned so that the Infulene WWTP will be able to treat up to 128 000 eq. inhab. (for the liquid phase), plus 1 340 m3/day of faecal sludge.
The Detailed Design included the following infrastructures:

  • a) New WWTP headwork equipped with closed Archimedean screw pumps to decrease odour emissions;
  • b) Two additional anaerobic ponds;
  • c) Improvement of the existing anaerobic ponds (emptying, cleaning and embankment/slab rehabilitation);
  • c) Improvement of existing facultative ponds (emptying and cleaning and embankment/slab rehabilitation);
  • d) Two maturation ponds to disinfect the treated effluent;
  • e) System of constructed wetlands for nutrient removal, prior to the discharge into the Infulene River;
  • f) Building for faecal sludge drop-off;
  • g) Sludge drying beds;
  • h) Sludge platform for further dehydration of faecal sludge.

Furthermore, the proposed interventions include the construction of protection dikes, in the partial perimeter of the WWTP, to protect the headworks, the anaerobic ponds and the solid phase treatment line from flood events. Additionally, the construction of an administration building, a storage building, a warehouse and other exterior arrangements (e.g. pavements, access roads, perimeter fencing) is considered.

The estimated cost for the projected interventions was about 17.6 million dollars.