Country: Portugal Local: Lisboa

Completion date: on-going

Contracting entity:
Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (Municipality of Lisbon)

Project description

This project is developed under the Lisbon Drainage Master Plan 2016-2030 (PGDL 2016-2030), recently finalized and approved by Lisbon Municipality (CML) on the 16th of December 2015 and consists of developing the tender process for design/ construction of two drainage tunnels (Monsanto – Santa Marta – Santa Apolonia and Chelas – Beato) and related infrastructures.

Under the PGDL several alternative interventions were analysed for the different urban catchment basins and priority was given to the construction of two tunnels, the Monsanto – Santa Marta – Santa Apolonia tunnel and Chelas – Beato tunnel. These tunnels are considered as the main structural interventions to be adopted for flood control in Lisbon.

  • Monsanto – Santa Marta – Santa Apolonia tunnel with an internal diameter of 5.5 m and approximately 4.1 km length, develops from Campolide to Santa Apolonia, intercepting stormwater flows coming from urban catchment basins of Alcântara, Av. Liberdade and Av. Almirante Reis (catchment area of 2 900 ha). The tunnel has been designed for a return period of 100 years and will have the capacity to drain flow rates greater than 160 m3/s.
  • Chelas – Beato tunnel will have approximately 1 km long and 5,5 m diameter. It aims to solve flooding problems in Xabregas area, diverting flows coming from the draining system of Chelas Road (catchment area of 1 700 ha).

Name of Associate Consultant: ENGIDRO, Estudos de Engenharia, Lda.