Country: Republic of Cape Verde Local: Fogo and Brava Islands

Completion Date: 2015

Contracting Entity:
Ministry of Environmental, Housing and Land Planning, Republic of Cape Verde

Project Description

The aim is to guarantee a universal and sustainable water and sanitation service for the population of Fogo and Brava. They were defined as objectives of the Master Plan:
i) definition of the goals to be achieved and the conditions to be met regarding water supply to the population and drainage of the wastewater generated on the islands of Fogo and Brava;
ii) selecting water sources and defining the respective intake infrastructures;
iii) design the system of pipelines that will transport the treated water to the different locations;
iv) Establish treatment schemes to be adopted, aiming at producing drinking water that permanently complies with WHO – World Health Organization requirements;
v) Define the typology of community water supply facilities to populations living in houses with no internal distribution network;
vi) Determine storage volumes of water and their territorial distribution;
vii) Consider the sanitation problematic and articulate it with water supply;
viii) design wastewater drainage networks;
ix) define the respective depuration schemes and final destination of the depurated effluent;
x) identify the necessary investments and estimate the respective costs and
xi) establish the schedules for the execution of the respective works.