Country: Cape Verde Local: Praia, Santiago Island

Completion date: 2019

Contracting entity:
LuxDev / AdS (Águas de Santiago – Santiago Waters – AdS, Public Company Inter, SA.)

Project description

Study on water losses in the supply systems and implementation of an action plan in Achada Santo António

OThe main objective of this consultancy service is to support Águas de Santiago (AdS) in identifying, quantifying and implementing a program for the management and control of losses in the water supply system in a “pilot” area of the City of Praia – Achada de Santo António (ASA). The water loss management and control program has the following specific objectives:

  • The diagnosis of the water supply system baseline and quantification of real losses, apparent losses and billed and unbilled authorized consumptions in the pilot area.
  • Modelling the main components of the system with EPANET.
  • The definition of a loss control actions program.
  • Water supply network sectorization and leaks location.
  • The registration of clients and water meters and updating of the Aquamatrix database.
  • Planning of actions to monitor illicit consumption.
  • The definition of a plan for the progressive renovation of the meter park and optimization of the commercial function.
  • AdS team on-the-job training and skills development.

The water loss reduction program proposed by the Consortium will be carried out on a three-stage phase sequence, as defined below:

  • PHASE I – Diagnosis – Assessment of the magnitude of the problem and planning of the actions to be carried out in the pilot area.
  • PHASE II – Loss control action program – Implementation of infrastructural, operational and organizational actions in the pilot area.
  • PHASE III – Analysis of results – Monitoring of water loss and summary of results.

To support the program implementation, Aquamatrix software will be used to help manage apparent losses, and Neptune and EPANET software will be used to help manage real losses.

Name of Associate Consultant: Aquapor.