Country: Portugal Local: Sintra

Completion date: 2014

Contracting entity:
Municipal Services of Water and Sanitation of Sintra

Project description

Water Supply Master Plan for Sintra Municipality

The municipality of Sintra has a population of approximately 380 000 inhabitants (INE, 2011).

The plan consisted in the development of the following activities:

  • Sintra municipality characterization;
  • water utility profile and structure;
  • characterization and diagnosis of the actual situation (infrastructure physical condition and system performance, organized in a structured way according to the client database system), operation & maintenance plan;
  • hydraulic simulation model;
  • health and safety in work procedures manual;
  • non-revenue water reduction plan;
  • water safety plan and an investment plan.

The hydraulic simulation of the supply system included 52 reservoirs (with a total storage capacity of more than 130,000 m3), main pipelines, over a length of approximately 184 km, with pipe diameters varying between 80 mm and 1,000 mm) and 28 pumping stations, presenting a set of interventions that allow increasing the system’s resilience.

Name of Associate Consultant: SISAQUA and CONSULGAL.