Country: Portugal Local: Sintra

Completion date: 2017

Contracting entity:
Municipal Services of Water and Sanitation (SMAS) of Sintra

Project description

Mira Sintra Water Supply Master Plan Preliminary Study and Detailed Design

Study of part of Sintra Municipality water supply system, associated with a total population of over 70 000 inhabitants.

The plan included the development of the following activities: general characterization of the Sintra municipality and the supply system; characterization of service; database assessment; hydraulic simulation model; diagnostic system performance; definition of physical interventions and evaluation of investment needs.

Hydraulic simulation of the main trunk and distribution system, including 5 reservoirs, more than 160 km of water mains pipelines, with diameters between 80 mm and 1,000 mm, and 2 pumping stations.

Name of Associate Consultant: SISAQUA and CONSULGAL.