Experience and Competences

The company develops studies and projects in several areas of knowledge, namely in sanitary and environmental engineering sectors.

Wastewater and stormwater

Conception, improvement and design of systems, including all its components.
Unconventional systems and drainage systems appropriate to developing countries.

Water Quality and Pollution Control

Characterization of water quality along the urban water cycle, including that of the receiving waters.

Planning and Management of Water Resources

Development of river basin management plans.
Evaluation of extreme events, such as flooding with modelling.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Design, improvement and operation of water and wastewater treatment facilities (domestic and industrial).

Water Supply

Design, improvement and sizing, including all its components.
Simplified water distribution systems appropriate to developing countries.

Dynamic modelling

Simulation of the hydraulic and environmental performance of water adduction / distribution systems, drainage systems (1D, 2D and 3D modelling) and treatment plants.

Capacitation and Education of Professionals

Teaching of training and qualification courses for professionals in the water sector.

Innovation and development

Development and application of models to evaluate the performance of drainage systems (ASI model), for the evaluation of septicity (AEROSEPT) and for decision support (SETA), among others.

Hidra is committed to a policy based on valuing intellectual capital, through support for higher education (Advanced Technical Training and PhD Programs), and support for innovation and development.

Consulting Services regarding application to funding programs and contact negotiation. Feasibility Studies in Economic, Technical and Environmental areas.

Field Surveys and Monitoring of Hydraulic and Environmental Variables and Parameters.

Projects: Preliminary Program, Feasibility Study and Detailed Design.

Technical Assistance to Projects. Assistance in Bidding Processes.

Specialized Technical Auditing Studies.

Capacitation and Specialized Professional Training.


Hidra’s main mission is to contribute, in articulation with providers, partners and clients, to the sustainable development of society, in the water, waste and environment domains. The company provides integrated solutions, from the economical, social and environmental perspective.


Address: Av. Defensores Chaves, nº 31, 1º Esq.
1000-111 Lisbon, Portugal
Telephone: +351 213 521 366
Email: geral@hidra.pt