Structure and Resources

Hidra’s structure consists in a central management, commercial and marketing unit and three peripheral units: Production Department, Marketing and Quality Department and Human Resources and Finance Department.

Apart from the tangible assets, namely physical capital and financial capital, the Company assumes, as its main asset, the intangible resources, i.e. the intellectual capital, which it represents:

the education and level of knowledge of its professionals

the application of the best available technologies

and, the "Know-how“, management skills and reputation capital, i.e., the relationships with providers and customers, based on the suitability of the transactions, resulting in high "costumer retention".

The company often relies on outsourced activities within companies with complementary skills, for example in the fields of geology, geotechnics and structural engineering.
Depending on the magnitude of the challenges, the company also resorts to partnerships in consortium with companies within the sector, for complete customer satisfaction.
The company’s main assets are its professionals, 90% of whom have higher education and 40% have a post-graduation or doctorate in the field of civil engineering, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, electrotechnical engineering and architecture.
Hidra has two partners, José Saldanha Matos and Filipa Santos Ferreira, both college professors. The following professionals and collaborators are also part of the team: Alberto Gama, Ana Alexandre, Ana Guerreiro, Ana Santos, Catarina Lopes, Eduarda Matos, Inês Lopes, Pedro Morgado, Ricardo Campos, Rita Matos, Rita Vieira e Tiago Costa.


Hidra’s main mission is to contribute, in articulation with providers, partners and clients, to the sustainable development of society, in the water, waste and environment domains. The company provides integrated solutions, from the economical, social and environmental perspective.


Address: Av. Defensores Chaves, nº 31, 1º Esq.
1000-111 Lisbon, Portugal
Telephone: +351 213 521 366